equivioLast October 30, Equivio Ltd announced, in response to one of my earlier posts, that it was incorporating a unique new feature into its Zoom analytic and review platform.Last month, I met with Alon Avraham, Equivio’s Director of Product Management, who showed me the new feature in action. It’s pretty cool.

The feature helps review team members share important information by letting other team members see the information in context as needed. In this screenshot from Alon, a reviewer or the team leader has created a custom annotation for the term “ChewCo”:

annotationThereafter, wherever the term “ChewCo” appears in a document, it has a double-underscore. By clicking on the term, the reviewer can pop up the annotation:

contextAlon and his team also improved on my initial suggestion by adding the ability to color code the annotated term. The color can signify anything. For example, it could be used to indicate what kind of term it is (for example, whether it’s about a person, an important concept, a term of art, or a code word). It could also be used for issue coding, or to indicate how important the term is.

I hope that Microsoft keeps building out Zoom instead of simply absorbing the tech and Equivio’s experts. In any event, this is a good example of how we can review electronic data much more intelligently than we could ever review paper.