As a highly experienced ediscovery attorney, Joshua Neil Rubin provides the most cost-effective and time-efficient ediscovery processes for cases of all sizes. He provides three three main types of service:

  • Appearing as co-counsel, representing your client in a limited-scope representation with direct responsibility to your client;
  • Providing consulting services to you or your firm; and
  • Providing or arranging ediscovery infrastructure.

Mr. Rubin’s services include the following:

  • determining which documents to seek or produce, and in what form;
  • assisting with proportionality testing to determine the most appropriate scale for review and analysis of documentation;
  • identifying and managing preservation of potentially discoverable data;
  • drafting and responding to ediscovery requests;
  • providing document review software, hardware, and services, both directly and through third parties;
  • managing and conducting document reviews;
  • writing briefs and responding to discovery and evidentiary motions;
  • negotiating ediscovery with opposing counsel; and
  • arguing ediscovery positions in court.

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