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Metrix, my Photoshop plugin, automatically maps the color distribution of one image or selection to another. See PC Magazine's four-star review. Please also take a look at the User Reviews.


I first published Metrix in January 2000. Adobe first incorporated a color-matching function into Photoshop in October of 2003 but Metrix still works better. Please see the Metrix Acid Test.. As of March, 2016, the Metrix website is listed in Alexa's top 50 Photoshop plugin websites.


Metrix has thousands of users worldwide and a steady stream of new users. Among other things, Metrix is used for ordinary snapshot photography, panoramas, stereoscopic photography, cartography, medical and scientific imaging, virtual reality, and fine art photo compositing.


Metrix can be used with any imaging program that is compatible with Photoshop's 32-bit plugin architecture. Please click here to pop up a list of compatible programs.


EBriefPro Composer

EBriefPro Composer
is a trialware-stage commercial program. It is the only commercially-available desktop software for creating electronic legal briefs with hyperlinks to evidence and legal authority.

Hyperlinked ebriefs created with Composer can be used in-house, submitted as courtesy copies, and filed in an increasing number of technologically-forward courts.


Composer reduces reliance on expensive outside service bureaus.



XTScan is a small, freeware program that can help users estimate processing, hosting, and review costs. It tells you how many files with each file extension are in a selected folder (including sub-folders) and, for each extension, the total amount of disk space used.


It also provides descriptions for the extensions associated with the file types commonly sought in ediscovery, and it saves the results as a comma-separated-values (.csv) file, which can be opened in most spreadsheet programs.


Document Coding Sheet / Database / Retrieval Applications (Proprietary)

Developed in connection with a multi-million page paper document review because existing software was not customizable enough.


Included coding component and search and retrieval component.


Saved thousands of hours of attorney and paralegal time by streamlining coding process and by providing for complex fielded searches of database.

Securities Class Action Damages Analysis Application (Proprietary)

Applied the Proportional Decay Model to estimate total damages in connection with securities class action early case assessments. Retrieved price and volume data from online database, imported it into Excel, calculated the damages using three different methodologies, graphed the results, and summarized them in a table.


Eliminated the need for costly expert preliminary damages estimates.

Document Assembly Application (Proprietary)


Automatically retrieved loosely-structured data from an online data repository, then used text analysis to find and extract the relevant data and insert it into custom fields in a document template.


Eliminated unnecessary, time-consuming clerical work.

Docket Access Application (Proprietary)


Case information system that allowed all documents in the firm's case dockets to be indexed by title and searched from any computer with access to the firm's LAN.


Minimized redundant work by allowing attorneys and paralegals to find relevant model documents; simplified and expedited searches for specific known documents.

Ad Hoc Analytical Tools



Many applications for assessing expert analyses and factual assertions.


Programming, Scripting, Data, User Interface, and Markup Languages:

• C/C++

• Python/NLTK/regex

• Visual Basic/VBScript/Microsoft Windows API

• Visual Basic for Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

• OpenOffice/StarOffice UNO (Writer, Calc, Impress)




• Bloomberg Data API

• Adobe Acrobat API

• Adobe Photoshop Plugin API

• FreeImage

• AD Summation Scripting

• Miscellaneous older technologies (e.g., WordBasic, ProComm Plus Aspect, MS-DOS BAT)




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