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Joshua Neil Rubin, Ediscovery Counsel


I provide complete electronic discovery solutions, including legal advice and services needed for the preservation, review, production, and analysis of electronic documents. My main role is to minimize ediscovery expenses and to keep them proportional to the case.


As a highly experienced and successful litigator and legal technologist, I have focused on electronic discovery since 1995. I can work with you as a consulting attorney or ediscovery counsel of record. In either case, I can also provide ediscovery-related services. I provide free initial consultations on all aspects of ediscovery, and offer flat-rate and hourly services.


Working with me lets you conduct ediscovery while keeping your own time focused on what you do best. You will not need to acquire technical knowledge unrelated to your own practice areas. You will be able to meet tight ediscovery deadlines.


Regardless of your experience with ediscovery or your in-house computer resources, and regardless of the size of your case, you can fully represent your client in all phases of ediscovery by working with experienced ediscovery counsel.


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