Experienced Electronic Discovery Counsel

     The Law Firm of Joshua Neil Rubin concentrates its practice on helping other litigators conduct electronic discovery ("ediscovery"). We have the ediscovery experience and technical background to flexibly help you meet all or part of your ediscovery needs quickly and economically.


     To properly protect your client's interests, you may need to conduct ediscovery while keeping your own time focused on the merits of your case. You may not be interested in acquiring the technical or legal knowledge required to conduct ediscovery economically. Or you may find yourself facing ediscovery deadlines without enough time to prepare.


     Regardless of your experience, and regardless of the size of your case, you can fully represent your client in all phases of ediscovery by working with experienced ediscovery counsel.


    Joshua Neil Rubin is a highly experienced and successful litigator and legal technologist who has focused on electronic discovery since 1995. We offer assistance in all aspects of ediscovery on a flexible, as-needed basis.


     Could you benefit from working with our firm? If so, turn the page.





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